Does Installation Cost Extra?

No – unlike many of our competitors, we include installation on site free of charge with all cabins. As our cabins are much heavier than the ‘kit’ or modular cabins and require precise construction by qualified timber frame specialists, we do not provide a flat pack service.

Does Insulation Cost Extra?

No – unlike our competitors, our cabins are double skinned as standard and we include 100mm of quality insulation in the cavity walls and roof free of charge with all of our timber frame cabins, resulting in a total wall thickness of approx. 200mm.

Can I Install a Stove/Oil?

Any form of heating can be installed in our cabins – oil, stove, electric radiators etc. However, a concrete base is required for the installation of a stove.

How Durable are Cabins?

Technically our builds aren’t considered ‘cabins’ – they are timber frame builds or timber frame homes, and are made using the same structure as the roof a regular block built structure.

Unlike the typical modular or ‘kit’ type cabins which can be delivered and connected together on site; our cabins are constructed on site from the ground up to completion.

Will It Feel Warm in the Winter?

Unlike our competitors, we include quality insulation free of charge with all of our timber frame cabins.

The total wall thickness is approx. 200mm. This is made up of a number of layers such as the treated timber frame structure, 4 inches of rockwool insulation, interior plaster boarding, the waterproof membrane, external cladding and the cavity wall to reduce the effects of cold bridging. This cavity allows for insulation and the set up of services, rather than a single sheet timber which is usually the case with most of the ‘kit’ type cabins.

What Spec are the Cabins?

We can build to suit all specifications in terms of insulation, layout and interior / exterior finishes. We will work together with you to design your dream cabin at an unbeatable price!

What Size are the Cabins?

We can build to suit any size or spec. We offer a free site inspection in most locations and will work with you to design a cabin suited to your needs on both the inside and outside!

Is There a Payment Plan?

Cabins can be paid in full in advance, or at each milestone following a small desposit to secure the booking.

Will I Need to Paint My Cabin?

All timber is fully treated which means that there is no need to paint to maintain. Over time, all timber will naturally ‘silver’ due to exposure to the elements. However, if you prefer a more modern rather than rustic look, we would advise oiling or painting the timber cladding.

We can provide a variety of alternative cladding options, including concrete plaster boarding which looks just like the exterior of a traditional block built structure.

What is the Lifespan of a Cabin?

Our timber frame cabins are made using quality, approved treated timber. The expected lifespan is approx. 25 years.