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At Creative Grain, we have the necessary tools, skills and expertise to carry out all aspects of roofing, from a standard roof to a more complex design. We provide free, detailed quotations for cut and truss roofs and are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to guide you through your roofing project.

Our nationwide team of expert roofers are fully qualified, certified and insured. We pride ourselves on providing a quality, affordable service for all of our clients, and tailor our services to suit individual requirements. Get in touch today with any queries or to request a free, detailed quotation on your roofing project.

We also cover full timber frame build contracts for private, domestic and commercial renovations and extensions in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Visit our sister company, Timber Frame Ireland, to submit your construction plans for an in-depth quotation on your timber frame structure.

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Cut Roofs & Truss Roofs

We provide free quotations on traditional cut roofs using rafters and on installing roof trusses for truss roofs on all roofing projects throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Cut Roof & Truss Roofs – The Difference!

What is a ‘Cut Roof’?

A traditional roof, otherwise known as a cut roof, is the traditional method of cutting timber on site and building the roof up using rafters, ridge boards, roofing joists, purlins etc. Years prior to the introduction of engineered roof trusses, all homes were built with traditional rafters.

What is a ‘Truss Roof’?

Roof trusses can be constructed for much less than it takes to install rafters on site as they are produced using automated machinery. Hence, erecting a truss roof is a lower cost alternative for modern new builds and developments than rafters or traditional cut roofs.

Are Trusses Better than Rafters?

Trusses Versus Rafters

Roof trusses have largely replaced roof rafters in most modern home designs as they are less expensive. Roof trusses are thinner than rafters, however they are smartly engineered to provide a similar strength at a lower cost. This lower cost is achieved due to its efficiency in terms of both materials and labour.

Feel free to get in touch with our team should you have any queries on the pros and cons, or to receive your free quotation.


Rafters for traditional cut roofs take quite a long time to install on site in comparison to roof trusses. Hence, truss roofs are a cheaper alternative as a result of reduced labour, while still offering high levels of strength and durability.


One of the major benefits of rafters is the open space. If you intend on creating a vaulted space, roof rafters area ideal. Roof trusses can create these vaulted ceilings, however they are not as efficient at opening up a space as rafters. Rafters are also useful for creating an open living area or for providing additional storage space in areas such as a garage.


Most importantly, when it comes to quality, there is little to no difference between rafters and roof trusses. Unless you have intended on an exposed rafter look, the end result will be much the same with either option. In many cases, the decision comes down primarily to cost.

Lead Time

Another benefit to using rafters as opposed to roof trusses is the lead time. Roof truss systems require drawings and precise engineering which can take several weeks. For this reason, rafters and the choice of a traditional, cut roof are often used for smaller roofing projects where it makes little sense to embark on the roof truss design and manufacturing process.

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