Common Questions

Cabin Questions

Decking Questions

We use quality 32mm thick decking boards which are ridged for added grip. We also lay a sturdy 6×2 decking structure which ensures that the base is strong and durable in comparison to our competitors.

Many of our customers think that a step down is needed from their patio doors onto their new decking. However, we bring the decking right to the patio door, to give a flush even surface – no step needed!

Of course! The main requirement for most people when booking a decking with us is to have a safe, confined outdoor play are for their child(ren).

Our deckings meet all health and safety guidelines. Our railings are spaced no more than 100mm apart and our decking boards are ridged to ensure a grippier surface.

We also add gates to keep your little ones safe, and either a slope or steps, whichever you prefer!

All timber is fully treated and does not need to be painted to maintain. We advise against painting and power washing deckings as this can make the surface slippery.

If you do not like the ‘silvered’ look of aged timber, we would recommend oiling the timber rather than painting.

Fencing Questions

We concrete all posts in to ensure they won’t budge. We fit a lot of our gates and fencing in coastal areas and elevated sites with strong winds, and they’re all still firmly in place!

All timber is fully treated and does not need to be painted to maintain. All fixtures and fittings are also galvanised. Fencing can be painted for aesthetic purposes, for example, to match existing fencing or the home; however it is not necessary to maintain the life of the timber.