Fully Insulated

All cabins include 100mm of energy efficient insulation.

Fully Insured

We offer premium insurance cover on all cabin projects.

Locally Sourced

All timber is fully approved, certified and locally sourced.

Custom Designs

Make your dreams come true with a custom cabin.

Why Choose Our Cabins?

Our team have developed and maintained an excellent reputation for their timber frame build quality and efficiency.  We cater for all timber frame cabin construction projects including creches, nurseries, montessori rooms, care facilities, hair salons, beauty salons, art and design studios, dance studios, log cabins and glamping pods for rental investment opportunities, and much more!

We know our field of business and we know what our customers want – a simple, warm, energy efficient and durable log cabin, at an affordable and justifiable build cost!

Whats Different About Our Timber Frame Cabins?

Fully Insurable

We plaster board the interior of your cabin free of charge which allows the build to be fully insured. This cannot be done with the majority of the modular or ‘kit’ cabins supplied by our competitors as those are timber cladded on the inside. Plaster boarding also makes the build look much more traditional and homely, offering a variety of decorative options with little comparison to the interior of a traditional block built home, office or other structure.


Double Skinned for Cavity Insulation

Unlike with the typical ‘kit’ or modular type cabins which offer a single skin wall and can be delivered and essentially clipped together on site; the insulation within our timber frame construction is contained in the inner leaf cavity which ensures minimum heat loss and maximised energy efficiency.

In our opinion, a cabin without insulation is pointless – particularly for residential living. Many of our competitors either sell only single skinned cabins (one thin sheet of untreated timber) or add on an additional cost for insulation and the build of a cavity. Unlike our competitors, we include this cavity and thick, quality insulation as standard with all cabins!


Thick Walls for Energy Efficiency

Our timber frame cabins are fully insulated with a total wall thickness of approx. 200mm. This is made up of a number of layers such as the timber frame structure, 100mm of rockwool insulation in the walls and roof, interior plaster boarding, the waterproof membrane and the treated cladding. Our cavity allows for insulation and the setup of services which is not the case with most of the ‘kit’ cabins provided by our competitors as these are often a single sheet of timber. We also install double glazed PVC windows/doors to maximise energy efficiency.


Sturdy, Durable Construction

The walls of our cabins are constructed from 4 x 2 timbers and the floor base is constructed from sturdy 6 x 2 timbers. Our heavily insulated, cladded and interior plasterboarded walls add additional strength and durability to your cabin. Our cabins feel cosy, warm and inviting – no creaking or movement in high winds which is the case with the majority of the ‘kit’ or modular type cabins provided by many of our competitors!


Variety of Cladding Options

Clients can choose from an array of cladding options to suit their design preference. The exterior is cladded in treated Scandinavian timber and the interior is plaster boarded free of charge! With plaster boarding, the interior looks just like the inside of a regular timber or block built home and can be decorated to your preference.

The majority of our competitors provide an untreated timber cladded interior (the reverse of the single skinned wall) which can often lead to damp, leaky conditions, whereas our timber frame cabins are much stronger, much longer lasting and much more appealing to the eye – all provided as standard!


Speed of Construction

The speed of constructing a timber frame cabin is accelerated by the ability to maximise off site fabrication and therefore minimising on site activities. Our cabins are built using the same process as a modern timber frame home. For this reason, we do not deliver our cabins flat pack like the ‘kit’ or modular type cabins provided by other suppliers on the market. Our cabins consist of many more components ensuring maximum strength and durability. However, the build time is still greatly reduced as the frame is constructed off site.

Will I Need Planning Permission for My Cabin?

The subject of planning permission for log cabins is by no means black and white, and there are a number of ‘grey’ areas such as the classification of a “permanent structure”.

In summary, you do not require planning permission (subject to planning regulations) when:

  • Building a free-standing (non-permanent) structure such as a small cabin or garden house which does not exceed 25 square metres / 270 square foot.
  • or Building a new extension which does not exceed 40 square metres / 420 square feet.

Planning permission is required when:

  • Building a larger, more “permanent” structure.

The classification of a “permanent structure” is determined by the base. In essence, if your cabin is over 25 sq. metres and does not have a permanent structure i.e. if it is laid on blocks or a treated timber base, you may not require planning.

We do not require planning before commencing the build, however we do advise clients to check with their local planning authority.

Feel free to get in touch with our team with any queries or read more in our planning permission blog.

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Arrange a Viewing

To speak to one of our cabin specialists or to arrange a viewing, get in touch with our team and we will organise a visit to a suitable cabin in your nearest location!

Timber Frame Ireland – Residential Timber Frame Homes

Building a permanent timber frame home? Visit our sister company Timber Frame Ireland and submit your construction plans for a free quotation on your timber frame structure.

Please note: Timber Frame Ireland construct timber framed homes which are designed by your architect and passed by the planning authorities. These builds are a modern alternative to block building and are for permanent, residential living. If you are not going this route, please refer to our fully insulated cabins and feel free to get in touch with our expert cabin team with any queries.

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No – unlike many of our competitors, we include installation on site free of charge with all cabins. As our cabins are much heavier than the ‘kit’ or modular cabins and require precise construction by qualified timber frame specialists, we do not provide a flat pack service.

No – unlike our competitors, our cabins are double skinned as standard and we include 100mm of quality insulation in the cavity walls and roof free of charge with all of our timber frame cabins, resulting in a total wall thickness of approx. 200mm.

Any form of heating can be installed in our cabins – oil, stove, electric radiators etc. However, a concrete base is required for the installation of a stove.

Technically our builds aren’t considered ‘cabins’ – they are timber frame builds or timber frame homes, and are made using the same structure as the roof a regular block built structure.

Unlike the typical modular or ‘kit’ type cabins which can be delivered and connected together on site; our cabins are constructed on site from the ground up to completion.

Unlike our competitors, we include quality insulation free of charge with all of our timber frame cabins.

The total wall thickness is approx. 200mm. This is made up of a number of layers such as the treated timber frame structure, 4 inches of rockwool insulation, interior plaster boarding, the waterproof membrane, external cladding and the cavity wall to reduce the effects of cold bridging. This cavity allows for insulation and the set up of services, rather than a single sheet timber which is usually the case with most of the ‘kit’ type cabins.

We can build to suit all specifications in terms of insulation, layout and interior / exterior finishes. We will work together with you to design your dream cabin at an unbeatable price!

We can build to suit any size or spec. We offer a free site inspection in most locations and will work with you to design a cabin suited to your needs on both the inside and outside!

Cabins can be paid in full in advance, or at each milestone following a small desposit to secure the booking.

All timber is fully treated which means that there is no need to paint to maintain. Over time, all timber will naturally ‘silver’ due to exposure to the elements. However, if you prefer a more modern rather than rustic look, we would advise oiling or painting the timber cladding.

We can provide a variety of alternative cladding options, including concrete plaster boarding which looks just like the exterior of a traditional block built structure.

Our timber frame cabins are made using quality, approved treated timber. The expected lifespan is approx. 25 years.

We do not require planning permission before starting the build. However, for more information feel free to read our blog post which summarises the rules and regulations of planning permission, and the ‘grey’ areas.

A general rule of thumb is that planning is not required on builds under 25 square metres or which are not classed as a “permanent structure” in the ROI. We advise checking with your local planning authority in advance.

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